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Military Suicides

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Over the past week multiple news agencies published stories about a new trend of veterans committing suicide on VA hospital campuses after receiving inadequate care from individual VA facilities. Nineteen suicides have occurred on VA campuses from October 2017 to November 2018 ― seven of them in parking lots, according to data the […]

Healthy Protein Smoothie Recipe

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Recently I posted the pic above on my Instagram page with the ingredients I put in my morning smoothie. I have this smoothie everyday after working out. It gives me the energy and focus I need to start the day strong! I’m a big believer that good food equals […]


Anger Management 101

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Do you ever struggle with anger? Maybe when someone cuts you off or fails to use their turn signal in traffic? You are not alone! A quick Google search for anger management groups gets about 6 million listings! I usually have at least several clients in my practice who […]