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Refresh Your Life

As a counselor, coach and interventionist I am passionate about moving people in a healthy direction in every area of their lives. Here is a fun and easy tool for you to quickly assess how you’re doing and come up with some action items. So grab a pen and piece of paper and take a […]

5 Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Sober Holidays Tip #1: Take it easy! Get plenty of rest, watch what you eat, get your usual exercise, and take time for meditation. Maintain your recovery routine as much as possible. Sober Holidays Tip #2  Don’t romance the drink or drug. If everyone starts talking about the “good old days,” […]

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How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Affect Health

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Adverse childhood experiences, also known as ACEs, are adverse or traumatic childhood experiences that damage a child’s developing brain in such a way that the effects can show up years later. ACES can cause chronic disease, mental illness and other serious issues. “ACEs” comes from the CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood […]


Social Support and Health

By Randy Moraitis, MA, CIP, BCPC Our social support system is truly a key factor in both our mental and physical health. Having a lot of friends on Facebook may be fun, but it is not a true social support system. Here is a quick look at what social support is, and why it is […]